A little bit about me!

Hi, Im Shoe.
Im a Midwife and I like knitting;mostly socks. My favourite colour is orange and I have an unhealthy obsession with lego…..and owls……


3 thoughts on “A little bit about me!

  1. Hi Chloe,

    I’ve heard you on the imake podcast a few times (always sounding like you’re having lots and lots of fun with Martine), so I thought I should check out your blog! I checked out your photos from the show – and have to say that I think you’re sooooooo brave for holding that whopping spider!!! I screamed and ran away when I saw one a quarter of that size in my garage last week!

    Then I scrolled down your page a bit….. and discovered that you love lego! Yippeeeee – I’m not the only grown-up who still loves lego (and especially the normal bricks)!!! 🙂 Now I’m wondering whether I have the guts to spend an evening playing with my lego and then take some photos for my blog??? Hmmmmmm….. I’ll have a think about it!

    I’ll be visiting again soon…..



    • Thank you for your lovely comments Carly, I have great fun on the podcast with Martine – it’s a good job in not in Guernsey all the time or Martine would have to restrain me as I’d want to be on it all the time!
      I LOVE lego, it’s a perfectly suitable adult pastime! I just wish it wasn’t so expensive these days!
      I’ll be checking out your blog to make sure you do spend an evening in that fashion!!!
      Shoe xx

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