Repeat after me – ‘I do NOT need another hobby’…

For christmas my mamma bought me a drop spindle kit from Hilltop Cloudand to be honest its sat there since then. Unused and unloved. Its not that I didn’t want to have a go but fitting it in with all the sock knitting has been tricky!

However a couple of weeks ago I thought I’d better have a go……my first attempt was, quite frankly, an insult to sheep around the globe and I would like to send a personal apology to the sheep that gave up its fleece to be turned into this:

I was a little disheartened but I did persevere and my second attempt was a little better:


I spun up some fabulous pinky yarn too:

Then I tried plying:



Now, it’s not perfect but not bad for a second attempt! The pink and blue yarns were both samples purchased through The Fibre Holics. They do fab bags of fibre and samples from loads of fab dyers – which is perfect for a beginner spinner like me, I’m still trying to work out which fibres I like spinning with.

Im sure this is going to be the catalyst for a whole new type of stash!! Need to try and get a bit better, Id love to be able to knit a pair of handspun, handknit socks!

Thanks for visiting me 🙂

Lots of love

Shoe xxx


6 thoughts on “Repeat after me – ‘I do NOT need another hobby’…

  1. omg, I was just rolling on the floor laughing at this post. I too am knitting socks like crazy. And for a few years now, I have resisted learning to spin, because the last thing I need is another hobby. Spinning and weaving are pushed to the back of my mind, but they keep popping up. I think “how much harm could it be to learn to spin on a drop spindle?” and “those cute little tabletop looms are probably really versatile when you get used to them.”

    And now you have confirmed it, I should not be resisting the urge to spin on a drop spindle. But I think I will for a while more because if I try to get another piece of equipment no matter how small into the house, I think there will be a mutiny.

    But it looks so amazing. And you can make your own yarn the way you want it… let me ponder that while I knit on the socks…

      • oh, you are a big help! 🙂

        I know a woman who once told me that I could spin enough yarn for a whole sweater for what it would cost to buy one skein. That makes it tempting, for sure…

  2. Well done Shoe! I have a similar kit which has also been sitting for ages for the same reason. I must say your first spinning efforts look fantastic! Did someone show you or did you teach yourself? If so which website or YouTube video/book did you use? I would like to have a do to. Thanks Nellie x

    • It’s addictive!!! I just watched a load of YouTube videos (just searched for drop spindle tutorial) and sort of found my own way of doing it! I spin the spindle then park between my knees (this will make more sense if you watch a video!). Deffo have a go – I’d love to see your efforts too!!! I’m now addicted to fibre though!!


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