Socks With Sarah KAL – Half Way!

Wow, where has the last six months gone! I can’t believe we’re at the half way mark of the Socks With Sarah KALand I have knitted TEN pairs of socks! TEN!!! With two more on the needles which should be finished by the end of this month.

Not only that but I have managed to knit at least a little bit of a sock every day since the KAL started. (Well there is one day where technically as I knitted after midnight it would have been the next day but it was before I went to bed so Im gonna count it!)


This is definitely more than I hoped, or thought I would manage. I have learnt so much already and still have loads to learn. Ive learnt that I like a toe up so with an afterthought heel. I’ve a newfound obsession with selfstriping yarn, and Ive found a bind off I love. more importantly i no longer have to study Kitchener stitch everytime I need it!

I probably haven’t made as many complex patterns as I would like, sticking to basic vanilla self striping, and my firm fave Hermione’s Everyday Socks! So im going to sort out my queue, and try and finish a few of the complex WIPs that have been put to one side in favour of the quick finishes.

I want a few more pairs of sport/DK weight socks for winter walking, and I MUST work through the stash of sock yarn that I have which appears to be expanding quicker than I can knit….. but other than that I have no goals.




Thanks for reading
Shoe xxx


8 thoughts on “Socks With Sarah KAL – Half Way!

  1. Wow, well done Shoe! They look fantastic, and I love all the yarns you have used. However, don’t you feel in the mood for knitting something other than socks now?

    • Haha, I have a couple of shawls on the needles and a jumper in the queue that I’d love for this winter which I haven’t started yet but I think the ‘quick fix’ nature of socks appeals to my indecisive personality!!!


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