Self-Striping Addict

My name is Shoe and I am addicted to self striping yarn!


Ive already finished two pairs and have two more on the needles at the moment!

I also have no less than seven skeins of self striping yarn in my stash. I think I’ve written before about the gorgeous CYO striping club by Yarntini. I’ve already knit up two of these skeins (piccys 1 and 2 above) with the last wound and ready to get on the next available pair of needles!

Then recently I discovered a self striping goldmine! I was lucky enough to win a prize in a recent completion run by the amazing Sarah of the Socks with Sarah. My prize – any (yes any!) skein from the amazing String Theory Colorworks . Self striping yarn and science? Its like the prize was made for me!

I actually couldn’t decide so ended up with 4 skeins (it was coming all the way from the US, I had to make the best of the postage right?)


The exchange rate is pretty good at the moment, so it worked out (including postage) at a very reasonable cost. Definitely have a look if you (like me) love a self striper!

(I wanted to add that I do always try and buy british yarn or use british dyers where I can, however self striping is one area that I am struggling to find any yarn of quality – if anyone knows of a trick/dyer that I'm missing let me know!!)

Then in the latest The Golden Skein instalment there was a gorgeous skein of Desert Vista self striping yarn! Could my life be any more perfect right now! Its the yarn in the photo at the top of this post! Gorgeous yeah!

Ive been knitting a lot of vanilla socks this summer and it looks like I will have to knit a lot more to get through the self-striping bundle of yarn!


Shoe xxx


2 thoughts on “Self-Striping Addict

  1. Oh I love self striping yarn!
    Not only does it look good on socks, but I’ve made some gorgeous shawls using selfstriping.
    I can’t give you any British yarn recommendations, but I love the Australian dyer Yarn vs Zombies.

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