FO: Wee Liesl (Ysolda)

It’s been all about the sock so far this year and whilst I LOVE sock knitting, I missed knitting other things.

With the sheer amount of sock yarn I appear to have accumulated a 4ply project seemed appropriate and the release of a new Ysolda pattern seemed to come at a perfect time as I have been on the hunt for a 4ply baby cardi for a while. Wee Liesl was the perfect solution to all my knitting needs!

The yarn is the March club yarn from The Knitting Goddess, its a gorgeous sea green colour. (Yes I may have signed up to another sock yarn club-but just for a month-well maybe two……)

These buttons are from a local haberdashery, aren’t they gorgeous! They went perfectly with the cardi.
The lucky recipient is the gorgeous Isla, the Beautiful baby girl of the Welsh Boy’s cousin! Im hoping it fits, shes a dinky dot and I have knit the 6-12 month size, but it did look a little on the small size. Naughtily I didn’t check my gauge! Its not overly aggressively blocked so I could easily get a bit more stretch out of it!

It was a gorgeous knit, exceptionally well written pattern and a great use for that skein of ‘too good for socks’ yarn (does that exist-I’m not sure it does anymore!)

Lots of love


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