Ravellenics Sock Hockey update.


Day six of the Winter Olympics and I am well ahead of schedule. Sock one is finished and sock two has the heel turned and stitches picked up!


Im not totally in love with this pattern coupled with the yarn! The yarn is so beautiful by itself that I think the pattern is a bit lost on it (don’t get me wrong-I think both the pattern and the yarn are fabulous just not sure. I had the right pattern for this yarn)

Isn’t the yarn stunning? I had around 20g left from the first sock so I have plenty left to be used for heels and toes!

I haven’t actually watched much of the olympics, although i do enjoy the figure skating! Fingers crossed I will have a FO for you by the closing ceremony!




8 thoughts on “Ravellenics Sock Hockey update.

    • It’s beautiful isn’t it! Ah, I think I mentioned it in my previous post! It’s old maiden aunt but you might be out of luck as it was a special colourway for the Olympics! 😦 she has some other fab colourways though!!!

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