Ravellenics: Rainbow Sock Hockey!

To continue on with 2014 ‘the year of the sock’ I have decided to take part in the 2014 Winter Ravellenics Sock Hockey event! Essentially the idea is to knit a pair of socks during the Winter Olympics, starting during (or after) the opening ceremony and finish by the closing ceremony. There are loads of events to take part in so I might take part in one of the quicker challenges if I finish the socks!

I am not going to dwell on the political aspects of the Winter Olimpics in Russia, as others have written far more eloquently than I could ( old maiden aunt)

In fact it was the gorgeous ‘nothing to hide’ yarn dyed specifically for the Ravellenics by Old Maiden Aunts Lilith that caught my eye on twitter and having read her post I was even more excited to take part! Isn’t it just stunning?


To top of the fabulous yarn, Lilith is making a donation to Stonewall for every skein sold and every finished item. I will be making my own donation too!

Ive been a bit undecided on the pattern but eventually chose Three’s a Crowd which is quite a simple stitch pattern. I needed to be realistic, the Winter Olympics are only 2 weeks so I need to keep it simple.

I even did a little mini swatch to check out the patter (its the slipped stitches at the top) its gorgeous to knit with and Im so excited about the colours!


Cast on is tomorrow at 4pm, I will just be arriving in Brighton for a girly weekend so cast on may have to be on the way back on sunday! Although I’m sure ill find a few minutes over the weekend to knit a few stitches!

I will keep you posted! All other sock knitting is on hold (well after cast on).

Lots of love
Shoe xxx


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