Christmas Chutney!


Being a poor student funds are a bit tight this time of year so I thought I’d venture into the handmade for Christmas. Having finished off a few knitted bits (which I’m not going to put on here just yet) I ventured into the “food” area and decided to make some Chutney.

BBC Good Food online had some great recipes so I chose two chutneys which had good reviews and not too many ingredients (don’t you hate it when you have to buy and entire jar of fennel seeds when you only need a teaspoons worth!), the apple and cranberry chutney and the red onion marmalade. I read the comments and suggestions from people who’d used the recipes and decided they were within my capability and made a few adjustments to the recipes, including halving both the quantities or I’d have had chutney coming out of my ears.

So off I toddled to the local Waitrose with my rucksack to get the ingredients, I’d bought some small presentation jars online from Lakeland, cute at  only 100ml but still practical enough to get a good few spoons worth. I won’t bore you with a whole story on how I made it but here’s a few piccys – I was amazed at how easy they were to make, and the results actually tasted really good. I loved decorating the jars with some labels and fabric toppers! Hopefully they’ll go down well at the Christmas table!



Stewing the apples




Have a wonderful Christmas.

Lots of love
Shoe xxx


5 thoughts on “Christmas Chutney!

  1. They look sbrill – and so professionally presented! Hope they taste as good as they look – I’m sure they were very well received X

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