The Golden Skein – Harvest Summer



Well its a miserable day up here in Yorkshire (although no thunder storms as yet) so what better way to brighten up a dull day than to talk about The Golden Skein – Harvest Summer club parcel.

This is the second round (third if you include the trial club) and the amazing yarns just keep on coming!!


The first yarn was a superwash merion/wool self striping (swoon) from desert vista dyeworksI hadn’t really heard of them before but since receiving this skein they are everywhere!

This yarn is one heel away from becoming a pair of socks! Love them!


The second yarn is from the fantabulous sparkleduck.


Its a merino/silk/yak (yes, yak yarn!) mix in a gorgeous colourway called plumbleberry compote.

At the moment it really is a Golden Skein, I have no idea what to do with it-maybe some totally over indulgent socks (yes I know these would not be hard wearing!) or a beautiful summer shawl…….any ideas greatly recieved!

The final yarn is this squoosy offering from ginger twist studios.

Its a merino silk mix, a slightly thicker 4ply at 338m per 100g (probably due to the squooshyness.

I think this will be a baby cardigan (again yes I know silk mix not the best for a baby cardi) but its just to soft and squooshy…..

Sign ups for the third quarter are open now, the picture looks fabulous so i am ( as always) totally excited. All the details can be found here


Got this bad boy in the post today too, TGS pinbadge! Awesome!
Shoe xxx

Socks With Sarah KAL – Half Way!


Wow, where has the last six months gone! I can’t believe we’re at the half way mark of the Socks With Sarah KALand I have knitted TEN pairs of socks! TEN!!! With two more on the needles which should be finished by the end of this month.

Not only that but I have managed to knit at least a little bit of a sock every day since the KAL started. (Well there is one day where technically as I knitted after midnight it would have been the next day but it was before I went to bed so Im gonna count it!)


This is definitely more than I hoped, or thought I would manage. I have learnt so much already and still have loads to learn. Ive learnt that I like a toe up so with an afterthought heel. I’ve a newfound obsession with selfstriping yarn, and Ive found a bind off I love. more importantly i no longer have to study Kitchener stitch everytime I need it!

I probably haven’t made as many complex patterns as I would like, sticking to basic vanilla self striping, and my firm fave Hermione’s Everyday Socks! So im going to sort out my queue, and try and finish a few of the complex WIPs that have been put to one side in favour of the quick finishes.

I want a few more pairs of sport/DK weight socks for winter walking, and I MUST work through the stash of sock yarn that I have which appears to be expanding quicker than I can knit….. but other than that I have no goals.




Thanks for reading
Shoe xxx

Self-Striping Addict


My name is Shoe and I am addicted to self striping yarn!


Ive already finished two pairs and have two more on the needles at the moment!

I also have no less than seven skeins of self striping yarn in my stash. I think I’ve written before about the gorgeous CYO striping club by Yarntini. I’ve already knit up two of these skeins (piccys 1 and 2 above) with the last wound and ready to get on the next available pair of needles!

Then recently I discovered a self striping goldmine! I was lucky enough to win a prize in a recent completion run by the amazing Sarah of the Socks with Sarah. My prize – any (yes any!) skein from the amazing String Theory Colorworks . Self striping yarn and science? Its like the prize was made for me!

I actually couldn’t decide so ended up with 4 skeins (it was coming all the way from the US, I had to make the best of the postage right?)


The exchange rate is pretty good at the moment, so it worked out (including postage) at a very reasonable cost. Definitely have a look if you (like me) love a self striper!

(I wanted to add that I do always try and buy british yarn or use british dyers where I can, however self striping is one area that I am struggling to find any yarn of quality – if anyone knows of a trick/dyer that I'm missing let me know!!)

Then in the latest The Golden Skein instalment there was a gorgeous skein of Desert Vista self striping yarn! Could my life be any more perfect right now! Its the yarn in the photo at the top of this post! Gorgeous yeah!

Ive been knitting a lot of vanilla socks this summer and it looks like I will have to knit a lot more to get through the self-striping bundle of yarn!


Shoe xxx

FO: Summer Stripy Socks and Socks for Mamma Shoe


If you read my blog it looks like I haven’t finished a pair of socks since April, this isn’t strictly true-although May wasn’t a good Month for sock knitting. With holidays and nice weather I didn’t seem to manage much more than a row here and there.

Although I did manage a few rows by the pool!


June was better, two pairs of socks off the needles!

The first was another pair of Hermione’s. Toe up, afterthought heel and Jenny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off. This is going to be my ‘go-to’ make up. I loved how these socks turned out!


Sadly, they only adorned my feet for the photo before being packaged up with very specific washing instructions to my Mamma for her birthday. The yarn was the April club yarn from The Knitting Goddess. The colourway was ‘you’re not my lobster’ (aka the little mermaid) but I think they look like watermelon socks! Its the first time I have knit socks for another person and thankfully Mamma Shoe loved them.

The second pair were a plain vanilla, cuff down with afterthought heel using yarn from the CYO striping club by Yarntini.


I love this colourway and the yarn is so amazing, definitely a perfect sock yarn!

July has been much better for sock knitting, with two pairs on the needles (again plain vanilla) which should be finished in the next week or so!

Lots of love


FO: CYO vanilla socks with afterthought heel!


Another pair of socks off the needles!

These were my first attempt at an afterthought heel, I did originally try an ‘eye of partridge’ heel but just wasn’t happy with the impact on the stripes!


I am totally taken with this heel, I love that you can just knit on through without having to think about the heel, and the heels are a great evening project…. I used a pattern called afterthought heel socks for which thee is a great video tutorial to help you. So much easier that I thought it would be.

The rest of the sock uses my now go-to vanilla sock pattern basic sock by Churchmouse Yarn and Teas.


The yarn is something a little bit special. Its by the fabulously talented Jessie of Yarntini. She runs a yarn club whereby you can choose your own colours for a self striping sock. Shes on a bit of a break at the moment but totally worth a look at her site. The colours are fantastic.

Thanks for reading

Lots of love




Washing Day!


I made the most of the gorgeous sunshine in Yorkshire yesterday and hand washed my hand knits!

I just had to take a photo of all my handknitted socks on the washing line. Hopefully by the end of this year I will have enough to fill the whole line!

Lots of love

FO: Broken Seed Stitch Socks


I was up very late last night trying to get these finished so they could count in my March totals, but alas there was just too much to do so they will have to be my first finished pair in April! My sixth pair of finished socks!

The pattern is Broken Seed Stitchwhich is a free Ravelry pattern. The pattern is just really for the stitch pattern so I used my trusty Hermione pattern for the heels and toes.



The pattern uses a plain yarn (the yarn yard toddy) and a varigated yarn (old maiden aunt nothing to hide) to create this scrummy stitch pattern.

I had some massive issues with my second sock, my gauge is well out from my first sock and the heel went squiffy and the stitch pattern is wrong in a few places but they look fine on!

I also seemed to forget that I didn’t need to pattern the base of the foot so that is patterned too. Its doesn’t look bad but it does mean i did a lot of k1,p1 which I didn’t need to!

All in all I’m very pleased with them.

Thanks for reading
Lots of love