FO: Broken Seed Stitch Socks


I was up very late last night trying to get these finished so they could count in my March totals, but alas there was just too much to do so they will have to be my first finished pair in April! My sixth pair of finished socks!

The pattern is Broken Seed Stitchwhich is a free Ravelry pattern. The pattern is just really for the stitch pattern so I used my trusty Hermione pattern for the heels and toes.



The pattern uses a plain yarn (the yarn yard toddy) and a varigated yarn (old maiden aunt nothing to hide) to create this scrummy stitch pattern.

I had some massive issues with my second sock, my gauge is well out from my first sock and the heel went squiffy and the stitch pattern is wrong in a few places but they look fine on!

I also seemed to forget that I didn’t need to pattern the base of the foot so that is patterned too. Its doesn’t look bad but it does mean i did a lot of k1,p1 which I didn’t need to!

All in all I’m very pleased with them.

Thanks for reading
Lots of love


FO: Churchmouse Yarns and Teas Basic DK Sock


After an impressive start my sock knitting has been on a go slow during march. In fairness I have knitted a gorgeous baby cardi and started a cowl for me so its not that i haven’t been knitting!

Anyway, this wasn’t going to be good enough so I found some Debbie Bliss Rialto DK Print bought on a whim in my stash and cast on some vanilla DK socks!


Less than 48 hours later a pair of finished socks was off the needles and on my feet! I didn’t even bother to match the stripes! (My OCD handled this surprisingly well!)


The basic sock pattern is by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas and at US$7 is quite pricey, however for a newbie to sock knitting its amazing. Everything is very clearly set out for you and the heel turning instructions are particularly good. Its written for 4ply and DK weight with instructions for changing the size of the pattern and has a few different cuff and leg options!

I’m definitely sold on DK weight socks, so quick! I have already cast on another pair!

Lots of love

Shoe xxx>

The most beautiful sock in the world!



How beautiful is this sock? I dont mean my knitting, but the combo of the broken seed stitch pattern, Broken Seed Stitch Socks, with the gorgeous Old Maiden Aunt Nothing to hide yarn along with some scrummy nude Toddy from The Yarn Yard.

I think the gorgeousness’ of the combination may have blinded me to actually knitting the sock right and so I have inadvertently knitted the pattern along the bottom of the sock! Its actually not too uncomfortable so its not the end of the world-but I will remember for next time (not least because that would mean considerably less k1p1ing!)

I haven’t used seed stitch before but its fab for socks -gives them an almost elastic feel and I love the fit of this sock!

Off to cast on the other one!

Lots of love

Stash Takeover!


My yarn stash is out of control, and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better. Im acquiring yarn quicker than I can knit it!

I had a clear out earlier this year and managed to gift away (in exchange for a small donation to charity) quite a bit of yarn. The rest of this bag of yarn will be going to the charity shops at the end of this month but there were a couple of skeins of hand dyed that I though I would offer up on here -just incase.

The first is a 100% angora goat fleece (4ply/100g/299m) by New Forest Mohair. The colours are gorgeous sea blues and greens. Its a beautiful yarn, so soft and squidgy, but I simply couldn’t assign it to a project and I would love for it to go to a loving home where it might get used rather than sit at the bottom of my ever growing stash pile, forgotten and alone. I am particularly attached to this yarn as it was a gift from a fellow knitter but it deserves to be used, even if that isn’t by me!

The second is a 75/25 wool/nylon (3ply/100g/465yds) by Flamboyance Yarns. The colourway is Diner and is a fab mix of pink, turquoise and black-retro american diner! Again, I love this yarn but as a 3ply I just don’t know what to do with it.

Im not asking for anything for these yarns, just a couple of pounds towards postage and if you are able to a small donation to a charity of your choice.

Just drop me a message on Ravelry or through the blog. Id rather send to someone in the UK just to keep postage costs down. If I’ve got no takers by the end of this month they will be going to the charity shop.

Lots of love


Socks With Sarah!


The Socks with Sarah KAL started two months ago today so I thought I would do a little update!

I have knitted FOUR pairs of socks! For someone who was not a sock knitter I feel incredibly proud of this achievement! My sock drawer is well on its way to being filled with gorgeous handknitted socks!


If you haven’t heard about the Socks with Sarah KAL -where have you been?? Haha! Basically, its a KAL where you knit socks everyday-just a little bit; but to be honest the rules are pretty lax so you wont be kicked out and banished for not knitting socks everyday – just as much as you can! It is definitely not too late to join in – see the ravelry group here for more details!

So far I have managed to knit socks every single day! Some days this has literally been across one dpn, but still it is every day!

My recent sock knitting progress has been a little slow. I have two pairs currenly on the needle.

These are broken seed stitch socks! They’re worked with two yarns, one plain and one variegated. I am TOTALLY in love with this pattern! Im about half way down the foot of the first sock.

The second socks are Samhain, I’m knitting them toe-up, two at a time and I’m just at the heel turn! Love this pattern, but the cabling makes them quite slow so they’re more of a long term project!


Hasn’t the weather been gorgeous recently, I have managed to get in a bit of sunshine knitting!

Lots of love

The Golden Skein – Tornado over London


I have been desparate to share this first quarters TGS offerings, and now all the parcels are safely in the arms of their owners I can!

If you havent heard of The Golden Skein, I wrote about the trial club on my blog here.

This quarters inspiration picture was of a Tornado (as in fighter plane not swirling whirlpool of wind) over London. I love knitting in greys and I knew i would love the yarns produced for this picture and I was not wrong!

The first skein was from a company whom i came across as Yarndale, the Yarn Garden. The yarn base is called manna ash in sock and is a 50/50 merino/ silk blend. It is so soft and the colours of pale grey to almost silver are just stunning!

I have already cast on a new project in this, its an infinity cowl called Vesper.

The yarn is perfect for the pattern and now I’ve figured the pattern out I’m steaming ahead (its a well written pattern but the sort where you need three pages of the pattern at the same time to start with…….).

The second yarn is by Hedgehog Fibres, a new company to me! The yarn is an 80/20 BFL/nylon mix with a high definition twist. The colours in this yarn are stunning, whilst it has a grey base it has gorgeous hues of blue and yellow subtly in the background (check me out describing yarn like its wine!). Ive already chosen the pattern, another Louise Tilbrook design (she is fast becoming my favorite sock designer) Honeycomb Cables. I’m itching to cast on but I have to finish other socks before I can start on this.

The final yarn was from another dyer I wasn’t familiar with Dye for Yarn, they’re based in Germany I think. This yarn is a gorgeous 55/45 Merino/baby camel base, dyed in moody dark grey. I have literally no idea what to make with this, I wouldnt normally go for something this bouncy – which is the beauty of this club, helping you try things you wouldn’t normally. One of the TGS girls is contemplating a damask which I think would be lovely in this yarn so maybe a Damask #4 is on the cards.

Totally in love with all these yarns and some fab designers picked by Jo and Kate. If youre interested in finding out more, head over to the TGS website, or come say hi on the Ravelry group. I think sign ups for the next quarter (June) will be open around the 1st April.

Lots of love

FO: Wee Liesl (Ysolda)


It’s been all about the sock so far this year and whilst I LOVE sock knitting, I missed knitting other things.

With the sheer amount of sock yarn I appear to have accumulated a 4ply project seemed appropriate and the release of a new Ysolda pattern seemed to come at a perfect time as I have been on the hunt for a 4ply baby cardi for a while. Wee Liesl was the perfect solution to all my knitting needs!

The yarn is the March club yarn from The Knitting Goddess, its a gorgeous sea green colour. (Yes I may have signed up to another sock yarn club-but just for a month-well maybe two……)

These buttons are from a local haberdashery, aren’t they gorgeous! They went perfectly with the cardi.
The lucky recipient is the gorgeous Isla, the Beautiful baby girl of the Welsh Boy’s cousin! Im hoping it fits, shes a dinky dot and I have knit the 6-12 month size, but it did look a little on the small size. Naughtily I didn’t check my gauge! Its not overly aggressively blocked so I could easily get a bit more stretch out of it!

It was a gorgeous knit, exceptionally well written pattern and a great use for that skein of ‘too good for socks’ yarn (does that exist-I’m not sure it does anymore!)

Lots of love