Yarndale 2014!


You may remember my trip to Yarndale last year. It was hectic and i came away with 2 skeins of yarn and a pack of mini skeins! Hardly a bumper haul considering what was on offer!

I nearly didn’t go this year but Id heard the organisers had taken on all the issues of last year and done their best to sort them out!

So off I went yesterday morning in the car armed with my highlighted yarndale plan and a short and concise shopping list. No problems with the journey, no problems with parking and the marshalls were doing a fabulous job af making sure it stayed that way.

The good thing about last year mayhem was that I spent very little. This year I did not get away so lightly.


Whoops! My first yarn show as a spinner, knitter and more recently dabbling with being a dyer meant there were thrice as many things to purchase!

It would take me all day to list out all the fabulous sellers (if you’d like to know where something is from please comment will gladly tell you) so here’s some piccys instead!

skeins of yarn for knitting – just four and for once carefully thought out (aside from the fluro yellow one-just needed that in my life!)


Plenty of fluff for spinning:

IMG_4062.JPG how fab is that giant ball of fluro fluff!

And some yarn for dyeing:

IMG_4061.JPG can you see the sparkles? Im also well chuffed with the giant skein of sportweight!

I also purchased a niddy noddy, a yarn bowl, some buttons and some acid dyes!


Weary from my mega shop I had a quick coo at the alpacas and then was homeward bound! I would probably have stayed longer and mooched about Skipton but I was feeling decidedly under the weather


I was very impressed at how the show was run this year, well done! Off to categorise my new stash and upload to ravelry!

Thanks for visiting!


Introducing Mable!



This is Mable, my spinning wheel, I love her….a lot!

Now I know what youre thinking, Shoe said she ‘didn’t need another hobby’ , surely she has more will power than that?

Nope, I dont! Ive been stalking ebay, gumtree and the ISO on UK spinners for the last month and eventually found what Appeared to be a good deal!The seller had been handed down the wheel but didn’t have anyone I’m his family to pass it onto so had put it up for sale on ebay.

I travelled to Ripon yesterday to pick her up!


I couldn’t wait to get her going, so I replaced the drive band and started her up! She spins really well and I managed two small bobbins yesterday evening!


This morning I plyed the two small bobbins! Im so chuffed with it!



The wheel came with two lazy kates, 4 bobbins and a whole box of stuff! Including the original instruction booklet and twelve bottom whorl drop spindles, not 100% sure what i will do with them but gonna try and find them a good home…..



Off to yarndale in a couple of weeks so Fibre is gonna be top of my list!!

Lots of love


FO: Shoe’s Spectral Lines Sportweight Socks



Wowzers, I’m on fire. Pair number 14 off the needles!

This is another String Theory Colorwork yarn. This time a sportweight yarn in colours which are even better than in the photo!


This was my first attempt at a rib sock and I really like the way it has turned out. Its a 3:1 rib with a 2:2 cuff. They have fast become my favourite ‘house’ socks – they’re super cosy! Did the best I’ve ever managed with yarn with about 3g left!

I love how quick sportweight socks knit up!

Thanks for reading

Shoe xxx

FO: Luxury self stripers



Yippee another pair off the needles! My 13th pair of socks!

These are another plain vanilla pair toe up with Jennys SS bind off. The yarn is from String Theory Colorworks a yarn base called Continuum (an 80/10/10 merino/cashmere/nylon giving these socks just a little bit of luxury) in the colour Resistor.


From a knitting point of view I’m not that happy with these socks. There is a massive ridge down the front of one sock, so bad I thought I had dropped a stitch but its just from where two dpns met. Hopefully it will block out after a good soak.

I guess the one downside of this ‘wintery’ weather is that there is an excuse for handknit socks!

Lots of love

Shoe xxxx

Harbour Yarns and a trip to the seaside!



As soon as the fantabulous Aimee from Knit Spin Cake mentioned that she was opening a yarn shop I knew I had to go and visit. Seaham isn’t that far from where I live and a couple of hours in the car seemed a small price to pay to support a new venture.

So Saturday morning the Welsh Boy and I (having decided to make a day trip of it) jumped in the car and headed to Seaham, a little town on the east coast.

The setting of the shop is amazing, right by the sea in a fab little development. Its a gorgeous bright and airy shop, with a lovely sea-sidey theme.

Aimee is just as lovely and awesome in person as in her podcasts and the Welsh Boy and I spent an hour having a cuppa and perusing yarns…… I also got to meet Aimee’s super talented mum (checkout Daisy Bun Boo – she makes gorgeous project bags and was so super freindly.

I eventually settled on a small but varied bunch of items.
Some natural BFL fibre;
2 skeins of Eden Cottage Yarns Milburn
And a fab project bag by Daisy Bun Boo

To be honest I didn’t want to leave, I could quite happily have spent the whole day chatting but we eventually dragged ourselves away from the whop to go for a little walk along the coast and have a spot of lunch and an icecream!


If you live in the area Harbour Yarns is totally worth a visit, its a fab ship and its worth having a mooch about the harbour too. Theres a gorgeous little sandy beach to sit on so take a blanket and a picnic and make a day out of it. There’s also a fab online shop if you’re a bit too far away to make the journey.
Thanks for looking,

Lots of love

Repeat after me – ‘I do NOT need another hobby’…


For christmas my mamma bought me a drop spindle kit from Hilltop Cloudand to be honest its sat there since then. Unused and unloved. Its not that I didn’t want to have a go but fitting it in with all the sock knitting has been tricky!

However a couple of weeks ago I thought I’d better have a go……my first attempt was, quite frankly, an insult to sheep around the globe and I would like to send a personal apology to the sheep that gave up its fleece to be turned into this:

I was a little disheartened but I did persevere and my second attempt was a little better:


I spun up some fabulous pinky yarn too:

Then I tried plying:



Now, it’s not perfect but not bad for a second attempt! The pink and blue yarns were both samples purchased through The Fibre Holics. They do fab bags of fibre and samples from loads of fab dyers – which is perfect for a beginner spinner like me, I’m still trying to work out which fibres I like spinning with.

Im sure this is going to be the catalyst for a whole new type of stash!! Need to try and get a bit better, Id love to be able to knit a pair of handspun, handknit socks!

Thanks for visiting me :)

Lots of love

Shoe xxx